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The author of the books, Soriano is the founder of Soriano Motori Corp., Soriano Global Holdings Limited, Soriano Fashion Brand, Soriano Lounges and Rooftops, Airstayz Incorporated, Bellhop App. In a recent pivot, Soriano integrated with The Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Platform.

Entrepreneur Madness

Entrepreneurs who leverage technology, innovation and the ever-changing global landscape can achieve MASSIVE success.

The Cyber-Elephant In The Boardroom: Cyber-Accountability With The Five Pillars Of Security Framework

We’ve all read the cybersecurity horror stories: a prominent company exposes the private information of their customers only to scramble after the fact to apologize and safeguard the data. Cybersecurity is often an afterthought, a much lower priority than profit―until a data breach threatens the bottom line anyway.

In The Cyber-Elephant in the Boardroom, data security expert and CEO Mathieu Gorge, along with a host of guests, shows why protecting a company’s data should be top of mind for C-suites and corporate boards. With the innovative 5 Pillars of Security Framework, any C-level executive can understand their organization’s cyber risk and the steps they need to take to protect their information. There’s a cyber-elephant in the boardroom and it needs to be addressed!

Investing Legacy: How the .001% Invest

How many times have you wondered if there are things that the world’s wealthiest invest into that the middle class doesn’t or never will? Or, what is the difference between a $300 million family and a $30 billion one? What do they look like out in the wild? What if they were to tell you themselves? Investing Legacy: How The .001% Invest is a peek through the keyhole into the investment biases and other non-quantitative drivers for investment decision-making between the middle class and the world’s wealthiest and most powerful families, commonly called the .001% of society. You’ll discover what “statement assets” are and how they legitimize the .001%; and the author pulls no punches to reveal what the .001% really think about liquidity and other prejudices. Witness the differences in their value systems that affect their investment decision-making. Sit in the front seat and experience a “day in the life,” including how these investment decisions are made, what causes conflict and how to manage it, and where these world-class investment opportunities come from. Commonly misunderstood investment terms are simplistically explained, including legal structures used as exemplified with some behind-the-scenes deal-making. This book also takes a candid look at the evolution of impact investing today from philanthropy, as explained by some of America’s oldest, name brand families who pioneered these conventions.