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To be always in the forefront of innovation and the style and design challenge since the beginning, Soriano has a dedicated group of professionals and visionaries to concentrate on.

This 2024, Soriano Motori Corp sponsors the EU racing porsche owners cup with the top female swiss pilots and top team

Soriano Motori, an Italian leading manufacturer of high-performance motors for EVs and ICEs, a proud sponsor of the multiple Eu

Soriano, the new EV designed to take on the market leaders in the motorcycle industry, Ducati and Harley-Davidson

The Soriano New Giaguaro Corse Sportiva motorcycle is born. Soriano, the new EV designed to take on the market leaders

Soriano Motori shows how important is to get electric mobility (e-mobility) right and done perfectly

The Birth of The Soriano Global Alliance. A multi-billion-dollar enterprise in motion. Here is what happened when the real players

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The Soriano Motori Group continues to focus on sustainable mobility and will launch 5,000 electric bicycles in 2024

The use of electric bicycles as a means of transportation in cities is increasingly widespread. Demand for these vehicles has

Economy/Motor.- Soriano Motori Group will launch 5,000 electric bicycles on the market by 2024

The Soriano Motori Group will launch 5,000 electric bicycles on the market in 2024, which can be purchased through its
Soriano VIP Club

The Soriano Owners & VIP Club is born: an exclusive club for celebrities and the best of the world’s jet-setters

Marco Soriano’s latest hotel & clubhouse project restricts camera use to protect the privacy of celebrities and influential people  
eletric vehicles in 2035

Marco Antonio Soriano: “We must build an infrastructure that can accommodate 130 million electric vehicles on the roads in 2035”

Madrid, 21 June 2022 – In the last two years alone, more electric vehicles have been registered than in the
Soriano motori headquarters

Soriano Motori is betting on something new: electric motorbikes for younger audiences

The new model will be lighter and more affordable Madrid, September 15, 2021 – First came luxury electric bikes, and

Stars of the Motorbike World: The Giaguaro V1 Gara and V1-S

Stars of the Motorbike World: The Giaguaro V1 Gara and the V1-S by Soriano Motori at EICMA Madrid, 20th November

The Soriano Group Announces Groundbreaking Lifestyle Collection

Casual clothing for men, women, and children, inspired by the motoring world, will be the hallmark of this collection. It
Soriano motori branding

Soriano Motori brings the fashion business and automotive industries together.

Madrid, 21st December 2020. Manufacturer of luxury electric motorbikes, Soriano Motori, has announced their new creation; a portrait of innovative,
Soriano Motory Legacy 100 years

Soriano Motori multiplies its value by 10 and reaches a market value of 100 million dollars

Madrid, 18th May 2021 – Soriano Motori, a global electric vehicle brand (originally founded in Spain), has reached a market
Soriano motori legacy

Soriano Motori is announcing the worldwide launch of a revolutionary 100% electric motorbike.

The iconic brand, founded over 100 years ago, sets a unique new standard that will shape the future of motorbikes
Legacy soriano motori

Soriano Motori is about to give an exclusive lecture on best practices for developing a successful Family Office

Madrid, July 8, 2021 – Marco Antonio Soriano, founder of the Soriano Motori electric vehicle company, will share his best
Giaguaro V1-Gara

Soriano Motori presents his prototype for its world launch in early November.

  Madrid, 14 October 2020 Soriano Motori has completed production of the prototypes for its three new electric motorbike models.

Soriano Motori sets out to conquer the metaverse

Madrid, April 11, 2022 – An exclusive world for lifestyle and sharing space with bikers and fashion lovers. These are

EV motorcycles and lifestyle, the cover letter by Soriano Motori at EICMA

State-of-the-art electric motorcycles and a renewed vision of fashion and lifestyle. This will be Soriano Motori’s bet that at the

Soriano Motori will present the new Giaguaro V1 Gara 2023 at MIMO

Madrid, May 18, 2022 – The four fundamental pillars for which Soriano Motori stands are luxury, technology, style, and lifestyle.

Soriano Motori launches a perfume for men

Madrid, July XX, 2022 – Soriano Motori continues to innovate and diversify with the creation of a new fragrance for