The Soriano Owners & VIP Club is born: an exclusive club for celebrities and the best of the world’s jet-setters

Soriano VIP Club

Marco Soriano’s latest hotel & clubhouse project restricts camera use to protect the privacy of celebrities and influential people


Madrid, 29th April 2021 – Exclusive parties, business meetings and the best networking events in the world are three perks reserved for private club members. Most of them have long waiting lists or are not accepting new members, but a new space will open its doors this year, ready to welcome celebrities and the best of the jet-setting community: The Soriano Club.


The Soriano Group (owner of Soriano Motori Corp, among others) will open new, exclusive clubs in several cities worldwide. In addition to offering numerous members-only services, every club will feature state-of-the-art technology that can inhibit mobile phone cameras. Membership to this select group will be subject to a monthly fee. Anyone who buys a bike from the brand will get their first year of membership for free.


Marco Antonio Soriano IV, CEO of the company, has had the idea for this concept since his family rose through the social ranks in the 1950s, rubbing shoulders with celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot or the, now, King Charles III of England. After seven decades of the Soriano family running the renowned Marbella Club, Marco Antonio Soriano understands that what celebrities need is to “reclaim anonymity”, even if only for a moment, and the new Soriano clubs will be the ideal place to facilitate this.


“The key thing for any person is being able to enjoy great moments, delicious cuisine and memorable entertainment without sacrificing anonymity. That’s what I plan to offer all of our Soriano Club members and fellows while celebrating our global business history,” says Soriano.


Rooftop, Cigar Lounge, Bar and Restaurant with exclusive members-only coworking spaces.


In 2021, Soriano will open three clubs in New York, Miami and Long Beach. The first will be in Manhattan’s upscale Chelsea neighborhood, surrounded by the best of the city’s art galleries, hotels, and restaurants. A 14,000 m2 building spread over two floors will have a rooftop for admiring the New York skyline, a European-influenced restaurant and bar, a coworking area, and a coffee lounge. The venue is expected to open in December 2021 with a celebrity guest list including the Trump family, descendants of Bob Marley, Lenny Kravitz, and award-winning athlete Tom Brady. 


There will also be no shortage of space to house pieces from the brand’s collection. In the museum, you can find models such as the renowned Panhard M-18, whose first owner was Ricardo Soriano and Scholtz von Hermensdorff, Marquis of Ivanrey and grandfather of the American businessman.


The brand’s fashion collection will also have a dedicated showroom to showcase the pieces, made entirely in Italy and ready for spring/summer 2022. Casual style pieces will share the space with garments destined for gala events for men, women and children: shirts and T-shirts, trousers, sports jackets, dresses, shoes, underwear and accessories. And, of course, not forgetting biker gear, like overalls, helmets, gloves and boots.


The clubs will expand to Europe in 2023 and to Asia in the future


When will they arrive in Europe? The old continent will have to wait until 2023. The group chose Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, London and Paris as the cities to host the second phase of openings in the best locations.


Asia and Oceania are also among Soriano’s plans, placing Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong as major destinations. Sydney will take its place as the choice for Oceania.




About the Soriano Group


The Soriano Group is an American company that works closely with wealthy families and foundations to develop investment and wealth management strategies and help them achieve their goals.


Founded in 2020, Soriano Motori’s main objective is to create a legacy of invention, innovation and modernization, as its founder, Ricardo Soriano-Scholtz von Hermensdorff, did with the Soriano-Pedroso SpA in Paris in 1919 and, subsequently, in Madrid in 1939 led by R. Soriano SrL. The company just so happens to be the first-ever Spanish manufacturing company.


Marco Antonio Soriano was also a collaborator in making the book ‘The Cyber Elephant in the Boardroom’ by Mathieu Gorge. Written by other authors, it raises awareness about the importance of companies investing in cybersecurity to avoid failures and gaps in the system. The book is now for sale worldwide.


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Marco Antonio Soriano: “We must build an infrastructure that can accommodate 130 million electric vehicles on the roads in 2035”

eletric vehicles in 2035

Madrid, 21 June 2022 – In the last two years alone, more electric vehicles have been registered than in the past seven years. Electric vehicles are a new reality, and more automotive companies are betting on this technology. “We have to lay the foundations today and build an infrastructure that can accommodate 130 million electric vehicles in the world in 2035,” insists Marco Antonio Soriano, founder of the Soriano Motori group. 


The speed of the uptake of electric vehicles has exceeded expectations. In 2021, one in five new vehicles registered in Europe will be electric. And, while electric vehicles represent only 1.5% of Europe’s total fleet of 326 million vehicles today, analysts at Soriano Motori predict that this share will grow to 65 million vehicles by 2030, doubling to 130 million vehicles by 2035.


In Spain, there will be 5 million electric vehicles in 2030 


The government wants 5 million vehicles powered by electricity in Spain by 2030. The biggest challenge for the sector is charging these electric vehicles. There is a need for more significant investment in infrastructure and advances in developing the charging system for electric cars and motorbikes. For example, in keeping with the brand’s trailblazing style, Soriano Motori motorbikes take less than an hour to recover 80% of their battery using a fast charging station.


Marco Antonio Soriano says, “Distribution system operators (DSOs) will play a fundamental role, acquiring skills and technologies that advance the charging system and accelerate electric mobility because, without a reliable electrical supply, electric vehicles go nowhere.”


The lack of raw materials is a challenge to overcome


The lack of raw materials is another challenge facing car and motorbike manufacturers, but it also affects several sectors. This has led to the need to adjust budgets, obtain more funding and study the market to continue delivering a high-quality product to users. Soriano Motori recently demonstrated this at the Milano Monza Motor Show exhibition, where the Giaguaro V1 Gara 2023 was presented.


The war in Ukraine, among other factors, has increased energy prices, especially those derived from oil, which is a silver lining for companies focused on electrical products such as Soriano Motori. Battery costs have already dropped exponentially, and energy density is increasing, making electrification a viable option for two-wheeled vehicles.


“All crises present tailor-made opportunities, and the markets adjust themselves. Here at Soriano Motori, we have positioned ourselves in several sectors, which has made us stronger. We will continue to develop and study market trends to continue growing and evolving. We have noticed a significant increase in the demand for our products in several regions, starting mainly this year,” says the brand’s founder. 


About Soriano Motori


Soriano Motori is an innovative lifestyle company that spans motoring, fashion, and exclusive social clubs. Founded in 2020, Soriano Motori’s main objective is to create a legacy of invention, innovation and modernization, as its founder Ricardo Soriano-Scholtz von Hermensdorff did with the Soriano-Pedroso SpA in Paris in 1919 and, subsequently, R. Soriano SrL in Madrid in 1939 (a company that just so happens to be the first ever Spanish manufacturing company).

Soriano Motori is betting on something new: electric motorbikes for younger audiences

Soriano motori headquarters

The new model will be lighter and more affordable

Madrid, September 15, 2021 – First came luxury electric bikes, and now, a new model for the youngest riders. Soriano Motori, a global platform for electric vehicles, continues to consolidate its position in the sector with the launch of an entry-level range which will bring the brand closer to the new generations and cover the high demand for more affordable electric motorbikes on the market.

Soriano Motori is constantly studying market trends and has therefore decided to start manufacturing products that the public will need in the upcoming ten years. Generation Z is the first to be born in an online world. They are the true digital natives, fully prepared for online purchases. Additionally, they are very aware of sustainability and care about the environment, two cornerstones of the Italian brand’s line of work.

The first model, the ENDURO Soriano V2-Wildcat

The first model from this entry-level range is the ENDURO Soriano V2-Wildcat, and it will be available in 2022. This bike will feature the Duo-flex Soriano engine, in addition to a modular Soriano EV system with a 7-9 kW battery, both patented and owned by the Italian brand of Spanish origin. Designers and engineers from the European Union and the United States have participated in its conception, with plentiful experience in the automotive sector to maintain the brand’s three pillars: innovation, tradition and elegance.

“We have always pursued innovation, tradition and elegance with our global approach. With the Enduro electric bike, we meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market. Soriano Motori always adapts to the demand, trends and lifestyle of today’s market,” says Marco Antonio Soriano, founder of Soriano Motori.

The ENDURO Soriano V2-Wildcat will be lighter and cheaper than the luxury Giaguaro models. It will combine a suspension designed for long distances – typical of Trail bikes – with a durable and reliable engine. Production will begin at the end of next year’s first quarter at the brand’s facilities in Lecco, on the shores of Lake Como.

Soon a more powerful version will enter the market, the ENDURO Soriano V2-Wildcat Turbo, for those more daring riders.

The ENDURO Soriano V2-Wildcat thus joins the three luxury models that Soriano Motori already offers: The Giaguaro V1R, V1S, and Gara, which can already be reserved via the website and which can be seen this year at several motor racing conventions.


ENDURO Soriano V2-Wildcat owners will be part of the Soriano Club

Buyers of ENDURO Soriano V2- Wildcat bikes will also become members of the renowned Soriano Club. For their first two years, they will have free access to all services, with an annual fee payable after the two years end, as is the case with owners of the “Giaguaro” models.

Among the advantages of being a club member is exclusive access to restaurants, sports and other events, as well as rewards and personalized service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With the launch of its fashion collection at the end of the year, Soriano Motori is committed to offering a complete, exclusive and unique service to all its customers.

About Soriano Motori 


Founded in 2020, Soriano Motori’s main objective is to create a legacy of invention, innovation and modernization, as its founder Ricardo Soriano-Scholtz von Hermensdorff did with the Soriano-Pedroso SpA in Paris in 1919  and, subsequently, R. Soriano SrL in Madrid in 1939 (a company that just so happens to be the first ever Spanish manufacturing company). Its value has multiplied ten times over in just one year, reaching a market figure of 100 million euros. 

A team of engineers with extensive experience in electrical energy from the European Union and the United States have collaborated closely on this project to design an iconic innovation within the field of motorbikes, born from the cutting-edge technologies of today.

Stars of the Motorbike World: The Giaguaro V1 Gara and V1-S

Stars of the Motorbike World: The Giaguaro V1 Gara and the V1-S
by Soriano Motori at EICMA

Madrid, 20th November 2021 – It’s time for us to discover the Soriano Motori models to be presented at the next edition of EICMA, which will be held in Milan from 25-28 November. 

Two luxury models chosen for this unique occasion for the brand include the Giaguaro V1 Gara and the V1-S. Attendees will get to appreciate every detail of these never-before-seen originals. 

Following an international press conference in Milan on November 10th and the virtual presentation at the end of last year, Soriano Motori will premiere at EICMA with a 100-square-meter exhibition stand. Two models of the Giaguaro V1 Gara, the most powerful bike in the collection, and the new-and-improved V1-S will be on display.

Soriano Motori’s innovative electric bike models break into the market

Attendees who come to enjoy the jewels of the Soriano Motori crown will also discover some of the brand’s inaugural fashion and lifestyle collections for the full Soriano Motori experience. 

“Soriano Motori has burst into the sector with several innovative electric models, with performance statistics that very few can achieve. We are offering a completely new product to the industry, which we are sure everyone will enjoy”, insists Marco Antonio Soriano IV

The Giaguaro V1 Gara and the V1-S have the same dimensions, an aluminum fiber chassis, peripheral brakes, and an anti-rebound hydraulic clutch. Their innovative design allows aggressive reductions in sports driving and avoids rear wheel blockage at the approach to corners. Additionally, both have the patented Soriano duo-flex platform, composed of two engines, that gives the bikes immense power, with a range of up to 180 km.

The difference: The Giaguaro V1 Gara has 75 kW power, while the V1-S has 72 kW. 

At the cutting edge of technology and design, these motorbikes are made with an exclusive handcrafted manufacturing process, as will all the models that leave the Soriano Motori factory, on the shores of Lake Como in Lecco. 

Soriano Motori’s fashion line will also be part of the show

Alongside the luxury bike models, visitors can discover the first exclusive pieces from the Soriano Motori fashion collection. This collection will meet the needs of the biker world with overalls, helmets, gloves, and boots. 

It will also include casual style, with garments and accessories for men, women, and children, such as shirts and t-shirts, trousers, sports jackets, dresses, shoes, underwear, and more. The collection, made entirely in Italy, will be ready for Spring/Summer 2022.

Marco Antonio Soriano IV, the founder of the group, has just published his first book, ‘Entrepreneur Madness,’ where he reveals the keys to technological breakthroughs in the current economy and the best tips for dominating any industry.

The Soriano Group Announces Groundbreaking Lifestyle Collection

  • Casual clothing for men, women, and children, inspired by the motoring world, will be the hallmark of this collection.
  • It will be presented in Milan soon, ready for sale in the spring/summer 2022 season. 


The Soriano Group wants to revolutionize and set trends in the motoring world. With its imminent launch of a ground-breaking collection, they are taking its unique lifestyle vision one step further.

Lifestyle, art, biker culture, and freedom inspire the brand’s designs.

The casual collection includes garments and accessories for men, women, and children. The collection includes shirts, t-shirts, trousers, sports jackets, dresses, shoes, underwear, and more. There will also be overalls, helmets, gloves, and boots to meet the needs of the biker world.

Made in Italy, it will be ready for spring/summer 2022 and sold online and in select outlets worldwide. They will present the collection in Milan at an exclusive event. The Soriano Group will release the details of the event soon. 

This edgy new lifestyle line follows the same trailblazing style of the Soriano Motori motorbikes. 

“Our collection is going to go much further. We are going to be pioneers, influencing future trends. The Soriano Group has always sought breakthroughs, innovation, and success. With this new project, we want to hit the ground running”, says Marco Antonio Soriano IV. 

The economist and founder want this move to help promote the Italian style worldwide. To do this, the Soriano group combines innovation, tradition, and elegance. 

These 3 pillars have been in the brand’s DNA since its inception in the early twentieth century.


About the Soriano Group


For over 100 years, the Soriano Group has set innovation standards in many industries. This includes the manufacturing, engineering, automotive, entertainment, art, real estate, and finance sectors. 


They recently unveiled luxurious, limited-edition electric motorcycles with a patented EV platform.


Their team of engineers has impressive experience in electrical energy from the EU and the US. They worked together to design an iconic innovation within the motorcycle world. An innovation born from today’s cutting-edge technologies. 

Marco Antonio Soriano IV will soon publish his book, ‘Entrepreneurial madness.’ He also collaborated with Mathieu Gorge on writing the book ‘The Cyber Elephant in the Boardroom.’.