Marco Antonio Soriano: “We must build an infrastructure that can accommodate 130 million electric vehicles on the roads in 2035”

eletric vehicles in 2035

Madrid, 21 June 2022 – In the last two years alone, more electric vehicles have been registered than in the past seven years. Electric vehicles are a new reality, and more automotive companies are betting on this technology. “We have to lay the foundations today and build an infrastructure that can accommodate 130 million electric vehicles in the world in 2035,” insists Marco Antonio Soriano, founder of the Soriano Motori group. 


The speed of the uptake of electric vehicles has exceeded expectations. In 2021, one in five new vehicles registered in Europe will be electric. And, while electric vehicles represent only 1.5% of Europe’s total fleet of 326 million vehicles today, analysts at Soriano Motori predict that this share will grow to 65 million vehicles by 2030, doubling to 130 million vehicles by 2035.


In Spain, there will be 5 million electric vehicles in 2030 


The government wants 5 million vehicles powered by electricity in Spain by 2030. The biggest challenge for the sector is charging these electric vehicles. There is a need for more significant investment in infrastructure and advances in developing the charging system for electric cars and motorbikes. For example, in keeping with the brand’s trailblazing style, Soriano Motori motorbikes take less than an hour to recover 80% of their battery using a fast charging station.


Marco Antonio Soriano says, “Distribution system operators (DSOs) will play a fundamental role, acquiring skills and technologies that advance the charging system and accelerate electric mobility because, without a reliable electrical supply, electric vehicles go nowhere.”


The lack of raw materials is a challenge to overcome


The lack of raw materials is another challenge facing car and motorbike manufacturers, but it also affects several sectors. This has led to the need to adjust budgets, obtain more funding and study the market to continue delivering a high-quality product to users. Soriano Motori recently demonstrated this at the Milano Monza Motor Show exhibition, where the Giaguaro V1 Gara 2023 was presented.


The war in Ukraine, among other factors, has increased energy prices, especially those derived from oil, which is a silver lining for companies focused on electrical products such as Soriano Motori. Battery costs have already dropped exponentially, and energy density is increasing, making electrification a viable option for two-wheeled vehicles.


“All crises present tailor-made opportunities, and the markets adjust themselves. Here at Soriano Motori, we have positioned ourselves in several sectors, which has made us stronger. We will continue to develop and study market trends to continue growing and evolving. We have noticed a significant increase in the demand for our products in several regions, starting mainly this year,” says the brand’s founder. 


About Soriano Motori


Soriano Motori is an innovative lifestyle company that spans motoring, fashion, and exclusive social clubs. Founded in 2020, Soriano Motori’s main objective is to create a legacy of invention, innovation and modernization, as its founder Ricardo Soriano-Scholtz von Hermensdorff did with the Soriano-Pedroso SpA in Paris in 1919 and, subsequently, R. Soriano SrL in Madrid in 1939 (a company that just so happens to be the first ever Spanish manufacturing company).