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The Soriano Evolution

Soriano motori legacy
The Soriano Tiger Motorcycles were manufactured from 1930 – 1954
The New Soriano Giaguaro V1 Series was presented at EICMA 2021 – reaches 220km/h (approx. 140 mph)
The New Soriano Giaguaro V2 Series will be launched throughout EU and USA. This includes Enduros, Scooters, and E-bikes
Reinterpretation of the storical Soriano R Tigre in a performance, agile, package. Ideal for dodging traffic in an urban environment.
Based on the Giaguaro platform a powerful adventure bike with multiple abilities, Explore in all conditions and terrains. Wide range of accessories to build on your own needs.
A step to the future of the two wheel mobility, engaging technology in a revolutionary configuration. A totally new platform that combines performance, ergonomics and style. Advanced energy management, augmented reality features are some of the characteristics.


120 year legacy re-launching a heritage brand in a massive EV Global market.

In 2020, Soriano Motori was re-launched by Marco Soriano IV,
as a high-end. Made in Italy™ EV global lifestyle platform for the next generation of ESG-minded riders. The iconic Soriano brand of motorcycles was founded over 100 years ago by the known aristocrat Ricardo Soriano, pioneer of engines – motorcycles, automobiles, airplanes, boats & snow vehicles. All of today, continuing this legacy of innovation, Soriano IV has designed & patented the new duo-flex Soriano Engine, a modular system that will revolutionize e-mobility.

R.A.C.E. “Real Automóvil Club de España” founded among Ricardo Soriano II, Marquis of Ivanrey. Later, this became A.R.C. Europe among other 7 aristocratic families.
Today, we all know it simply as Formula One.

1905 Soriano invents and presents the bobsleigh in St. Moritz, Switzerland, the first venue for the Winter Olympics. This preceded The International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (FIBT) founded in 1923. Soriano himself competed in Davos and won several titles.

R. Soriano II proceeded to delve into aeronautical engineering and built airships in Paris alongside Count Charles De Lambert, a former student of Wilbur Wright. Later on, Alberto Santos-Dumont produced with R. Soriano “The Dumont-Soriano Engine” in Aviation. This same year, they both built hydroplanes.

During these 5 years, R. Soriano II designed and manufactured race cars in Paris, France known as the Soriano-Pedroso models. These cars were driven by the pilot Jean Graff. The model has a 4- cylinder 1500 (63 x 103 mm), CIME engine, with a shaft-driven o/h camshaft without supercharging. In the same year the car was
registered and ran Le Mans Grand Prix
competition in the 30s.

Soriano II designs and produces outboard engines for OSSA as one of his pre-war innovations. In 1932, He becomes one of the founders of The Yatch Moteur Club de France, and the Canot Club of Paris, where he competed often.

Soriano II invents a brand-new snow vehicle and calls it the Motoluge, used in Saint Moritz for snow competitions; it became the predecessor for older models of snowmobiles. The news of this invention by the Marquis of Ivanrey was picked up in Spain by the newspaper “La Epoca”, published on February 25th, 1935. In the United States of America, The Daily Herald in its issue of January 14th, 1937.

Soriano Films. Together with Manuel Augusto and Garcia Viñolas, Ricardo Soriano founded the Spanish Cinematographic Circle (C.I.R.C.E.). This association was created to raise quality of Spanish Cinema, and in which he became President. He codirected 1st film produced in France and titled “Un Chien qui raccorche” (1934). In this film, codirected with his friend Santiago Ontanon, a wide cast of international actors participated, including Lucien Raimburg and Simone Neyrinck.

SORIANO II also has the honor of having founded the historical first motorcycle factory in Spain, from where the first known scooter HUSOR came out in 1942 (anticipating brands such as Lambretta or Vespa by several years) and other small-wheel mopeds; the popular Soriano Motorcycle, a model which sold 18,000 units. Furthermore, Manuel Giro y Minguella, establishes the company Orfeo Sincronic S.A. (OSSA), whom uses only Soriano Engines manufactured in Barcelona, Spain.

Architecture, specialty that SORIANO began to develop in Biarritz, France in the early 1930s. Edgar Neville described in the interview with the ABC newspaper on June 9th, 1962, how “Soriano possessed an exquisite sense of aesthetics and technical knowledge in construction”. Soriano had planned and built about 25 hotels in Biarritz and the pine forests of Chiberta of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Soriano with his cousin Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe-Langenburg which became rebuilt the Costa del Sol of southern Spain, including the jet-set High Society destination town of Marbella. This marked the beginning of the Soriano Legacy of Real Estate Portfolio.

Hugo R. Soriano III takes on its family legacy and continued to build real estate assets such as hospitals and a chain of pharmacies throughout the Americas called SORIVAL Properties. His banking experience develops specialized financial products to leverage the Family’s portfolio for its succession. The Soriano Family participates on the remodeling of New York City’s Bellevue Hospital and the 911 Memorial.
The Soriano 4th Generation joins the ranks post September 11th, 2001. A moment of deep reflection which was portrayed by the erection of the 911 Memorial by Engineer Carlos Xavier Soriano. His brother and renown financier Marco Antonio Soriano IV creates the Soriano Global Holdings Limited Trust to ensure the expansion of their portfolio between the Americas and Europe. Headquartered in New York City in Rockefeller Plaza, Soriano applies modern portfolio theory to technologies in AI, EVs, Robotics, Nano Satellite, and Cryptocurrency at their birth within a series of divestures and mergers. Soriano urged his four siblings and brings back the Family Office to action.

Soriano IV’s global vision gives rise to the rebirth of Soriano Motori in Italy, Soriano Fashion and Mondo Soriano Metaverse aligning the past with the present for all future design, engineering of the next generation of marvels. As a recognized modern renaissance man, Soriano leads the way of E-mobility with mind alike such as Elon Musk’s but with a strong collaboration of the arts and music in this vision, hence promoting beauty and technology aligned.

His present work with the Hedge Fund of former Chairman of Citigroup and CEO Time Warner Richard Dean Parsons, allows his vision to further expand into global investments.

Soriano co-wrote and published two books in 2021 called “The Cyber Elephant in the Boardroom” with Forbes and “Entrepreneurial Madness” by Beverly Hills Publishing.