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Experiential powerhouse

SorianoLive participates together with the world’s most influential leaders, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, and artists to harness their collective knowledge to address today’s critical issues and discover innovative solutions.

Throughout the year, SorianoLive events highlight stories of those who have made it and those who aspire to make it. SorianoLive experiences include industry events profiling the world’s leading CEOs, CMOs, and CIOs, city-wide Under 30 takeovers celebrating millennial ingenuity, and invitation only intimate salon gatherings.


Soriano Family Office History

The Soriano Family Office has a rich legacy that spans several generations. Let’s delve into its fascinating history:

Founding and Aristocratic Roots

  • The Soriano Family Office was founded in 1939 by Ricardo Soriano, a noble aristocrat and Marqués de Ivanrey.
  • Ricardo Soriano’s vision laid the foundation for the family office, which initially focused on wealth management and strategic ventures.
  • The family’s aristocratic lineage contributed to their prominence and influence.


Revitalization by Marco Antonio Soriano IV

  • In recent years, the Soriano Family Office has undergone a transformation under the leadership of Marco Antonio Soriano IV.
  • Marco Antonio Soriano IV has revived the family legacy by leading Soriano Motori Corp, a company specializing in premium electric motorcycles.
  • Their debut model, the Giaguaro, exemplifies their commitment to green mobility and original solutions.
  • Soriano Motori focuses on the future of mobility, particularly electric vehicles, blending style and performance seamlessly.


Soriano Group and Wealth Management:

  • Marco Antonio Soriano IV also heads the Soriano Group, which achieved a remarkable revenue of 2.8 billion euros in 2022.
  • The Soriano Group engages in private wealth management, private equity, and other strategic ventures.
  • They assist clients in pursuing wealth management goals, provide astute investment advice, and leverage the capabilities and network of the Soriano Family.
  • Their approach includes an engineering focus, where they inspect and troubleshoot complex building systems with cost-effective solutions.
  • Additionally, they offer tech advisory services, recognizing that blockchain may not always be the remedy for every business problem.
  • The group’s global research aims to drive growth, save costs, and invest in the future by considering relevant regulatory frameworks and leveraging technology.


Innovative Electric Motorcycles

Soriano Motori’s electric motorcycles include:

  • Giaguaro V1 GARA: A SuperSport model combining comfort with versatility for everyday road riding without compromising sporting spirit.
  • Giaguaro V1 S: Minimalist design capturing the essence of Soriano’s philosophy.

  • Giaguaro V1 R: Represents the pinnacle of Soriano’s craftsmanship, a true declaration of lust for perfection and beauty.
  • These motorcycles blend tradition and cutting-edge technology, appealing to riders who appreciate both form and function.


Legacy and Future

  • The Soriano Family Office’s legacy continues to evolve, embracing innovation and sustainability.
  • Marco Antonio Soriano IV’s multifaceted endeavors ensure that the family’s heritage remains vibrant and forward-looking.