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EV motorcycles and lifestyle, the cover letter by Soriano Motori at EICMA

Soriano Motori

State-of-the-art electric motorcycles and a renewed vision of fashion and lifestyle. This will be Soriano Motori’s bet that at the next edition of EICMA, the new generation of electric motorcycles and the 25 unique pieces of its first and impressive fashion collection, never before shown to the general public, will be presented.


Soriano Motori has always wanted to do things differently. Only a lucky few can enjoy the exclusive preview in Milan in mid-November, surrounded by a great sound and light show sponsored by former Italian Moto GP rider Marco Melandri. It’s a small preview of everything to be seen at the biggest Motorcycle Show in Milan.


“We can’t think exclusively about engines. Soriano Motori covers the best of this sector, fashion and lifestyle, to offer our users an authentic lifestyle,” says Marco Antonio Soriano IV, founder of the company. 


The Giaguaro V1 Gara and the V1-S, the protagonists of EICMA

Two luxury models, the Giaguaro V1 Gara and the V1-S, will be chosen for this unique occasion for the brand. Attendees will be able to appreciate and discover, first-hand, every detail of the company’s two most significant models. 


Soriano Motori is synonymous with mobility, sustainability and style, a pioneer in the innovation and development of EV motorcycles. The Giaguaro, in all its versions, is the only electric model with a gearbox to give the same sensations offered by combustion motorcycles. A real revolution in the sector that no one has dared to do so far. Soriano Motori has overcome all adversities after its foundation in the middle of the pandemic and has presented a complete, elegant, innovative product.


A fashion collection that brings style and elegance to the motor world

Visitors will discover the first exclusive pieces of Soriano Motori’s fashion collection and luxury models. This collection will meet the needs of the biker world with overalls, helmets, gloves and boots — a complete range with leather as the main protagonist, with jackets, pants, t-shirts, leather boots and caps.


In addition, it will cover casual styles and garments intended for men, women and children: shirts and t-shirts, pants, sports jackets, dresses, shoes, underwear or accessories. The collection, made entirely in Italy, will be ready for spring/summer 2022.


Marco Antonio Soriano IV, the group’s founder, has just published his first book, Entrepreneur madness, in which he discusses the keys to the emergence of technology in the economy and the best tips for mastering any industry.