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Soriano Motori shows how important is to get electric mobility (e-mobility) right and done perfectly

The Birth of The Soriano Global Alliance. A multi-billion-dollar enterprise in motion. Here is what happened when the real players decide to do it.

“At Soriano, we adopted Responsible Growth in 2020.These tenets have served as the foundation for our strong research and development as the first E-mobility OEM based in Monza, Italy.”

— Marco Soriano

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, December 18, 2023 / — Mission

SORIANO’s mission is to inspire the adoption of sustainable energy by creating advanced technologies and the most captivating luxury electric vehicles (“EV”), centered around the human experience.

About Us

• SORIANO is a technology and automotive company that is setting new standards with its advanced luxury electric vehicles, beginning with its three Giaguaro models V1 series, the longest-range, fastest-charging motorcycle on the market today. SORIANO (i) designs, engineers, and builds electric vehicles, EV powertrains, and battery systems in-house using our equipment and factories, (ii) offers a refined customer experience at our own geographically distributed retail and service locations and through direct-to-consumer online and retail sales and (iii) boasts a strong product roadmap of future vehicle programs and technologies. Our focus on in-house technology innovation, vertical integration, and a “clean sheet” approach to engineering and design have led to the development of the award-winning EV Giaguaro V1 Series at EICMA & MIMO in Italy.

• EV Giaguaro V1 Series is a luxury motorcycle that redefines both the luxury innovative motorcycle segment and the electric vehicle space, with an industry-leading EPA-estimated range of up to 200 miles on a single charge (depending on vehicle configuration). This range is enabled by an efficient, powerful powertrain that SORIANO developed and builds in-house through vertically integrated manufacturing capacity. EPA estimated ranges and MPGe are provided for vehicles equipped with OZ Motorbike wheel set Gass SBK 3,5/6,00×17″, BMW HP4 RACE, forged aluminum wheels, Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Tires which Pirelli infuses technology from the World Superbike Championship into their Diablo Rosso 3 tires. Designed with unprecedented handling this is the evolution of sport riding, and actual range and MPGe will vary depending on many factors including battery age, driving habits, charging habits, temperatures, accessory use, and other factors. Our Space Concept underpins SORIANO’s design, merging a spacious exterior footprint that is reminiscent of a high-performance racing motorcycle. This achievement is enabled by our miniaturized drive-train components, which also result in increased storage capacity.

• SORIANO is manufactured at our greenfield electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Monza, Italy, Advanced Manufacturing Plant-1 (“AMP-1”). Our manufacturing footprint in Monza also includes the SORIANO Powertrain Manufacturing Plant-1 (“LPM-1”), located a short distance from AMP-1. Once AMP-1 is fully built out, our vehicle manufacturing footprint in Monza is expected to exceed 50 thousand square feet on approximately 2 acres. Our current manufacturing footprint has an annual output capacity of up to 10,000 vehicles per year followed by incremental build-out over time to deploy capital efficiently. Expansion activities are underway to bring capacity at our Italy site to 20,000 vehicles per year by 2030. By building AMP-1 from a clean slate, we expect to achieve greater operational efficiencies and more consistent production quality than would be possible through outsourced manufacturing or adaptation of an existing facility. An emphasis on vertical integration of manufacturing capabilities provides us the opportunity to improve product margins relative to an outsourced manufacturing arrangement. Subject to a strategic investment in the Middle East, we expect to diversify our vehicle portfolio and increase production capacity through the localization of manufacturing in other geographies. In 2024-2025, we shall break ground on SORIANO’s new advanced electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia (“AMP-2”), for which we anticipate a capacity of 150,000 units upon completion.

• We sell electric vehicles directly to consumers through our online retail sales network including through SORIANO Financial Services. As of December 31, 2022, we have opened our global digital metaverse studio, 1 show-room in Milan, 1 advanced manufacturing facility in Monza, and 1 Research and Development Laboratory, plus service centers in Europe, one soon in Deerfield, Florida in the United States of America, and one in the Middle East. We believe that owning our sales network provides an opportunity to closely manage the customer experience, gather direct customer feedback, and ensure that customer interactions are on-brand and tailored to our customers’ needs.

• We plan own and operate a vehicle service network comprising service centers in major metropolitan areas and a fleet of mobile service vehicles. In addition to our in-house service capabilities, we established and continue to grow an approved list of specially trained collision repair shops which also serve as repair hubs for our mobile service offerings in some cases. We have contracted with a third-party roadside assistance partner for urgent roadside needs. As a technology company, we also complement our in-house service offerings through remote vehicle diagnostics capabilities and over-the-air (“OTA”) updates. This combination of in-house capabilities, ancillary service partners, and remote support and update capability is expected to serve our customers’ high service.

Global Alliance & Partnership

Soriano, an iconic name in both innovation and heritage, is embarking on an ambitious journey to reshape the electric vehicle (EV) industry. The company intends to raise up to 500 million euros to fuel its global expansion with select prestigious investors. Initiating from the United Arab Emirates, the capitalization will provide the financial foundation for phase one of the 15-year industrialization and global growth period.

The Soriano Alliance & Partnership represents a pivotal moment in the company’s history, reflecting a vision that transcends traditional boundaries and propels them into the forefront of the EV market. Pricing and terms for participation are designed to adapt to market conditions, underlining the company’s strategic approach.

The Alliance participation and Partnership by preferred partners serves as a catalyst for their global expansion, firmly aligned with Soriano’s mission to inspire the adoption of sustainable energy. The company’s global roadmap extends to 18 nations and 30 capital cities, positioning Soriano as a formidable force in shaping the future of transportation in an EV-positive world.

Soriano is poised to leave an indelible mark on the EV industry. The company envisions a better world where tradition meets innovation, where Italian heritage melds seamlessly with cutting-edge technology — a world where Soriano leads the future of sustainable transportation.

SORIANO continues to push the envelope with our use of colors, cuts, and fabrics focusing on organic, natural, and eco-sustainability.