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Soriano Motori launches a perfume for men

Soriano Motori

Madrid, July XX, 2022 – Soriano Motori continues to innovate and diversify with the creation of a new fragrance for men: “Sweet & Sexy,” which will be available from September 1, 2022, in the brand’s showrooms across the world and on its website

“Our fragrance is designed with care, passion, and ingenuity, giving pleasure to billions worldwide who wear and enjoy perfumes every day, from a fresh-smelling shampoo to an elegant perfume, from a scented candle to freshly washed sheets. Soriano perfume aims to beautify our lives,” says Marco Antonio Soriano, founder of the brand.


Fruity aroma with a touch of roses, the essence of “Sweet & Sexy” by Soriano

The Soriano perfume launched this summer of 2022 is a spicy, woody fragrance for the man who enjoys being outdoors. This aromatic and intriguing scent combines the familiar notes of grapefruit, mint, red-orange, and cinnamon with a hint of rose. It is an excellent choice for work and leisure. From a meeting to a dinner party, “Sweet & Sexy” is suitable for any occasion. 

In keeping with the tradition and spirit of the brand, the Soriano Motori fragrance has been created entirely in Europe, specifically in Greece, thanks to the collaboration with the acclaimed luxury firm Carlo Dali. It has branches in Paris, Milan, New York, Dubai, and Athens. 

Luxury and superior standards in creation and technology that keep pace with fashion trends are part of the strict rules of Carlo Dali, a DNA shared with Soriano Motori, always seeking perfection and savoir-faire.

The fragrance will have a starting price between 150 and 250 euros, with an incomparable value and an exceptional online shopping experience, surpassing customer expectations. It will be available on the website and in the brand’s showrooms in Milan, New York, and Miami. In addition, they are already working on a women’s perfume that will arrive in winter 2023.

Soriano Motori, a lifestyle preference

The perfume creation thus joins Soriano Motori’s broad diversification of products. The recent announcement of the manufacture of the new 2023 model of the Giaguaro Gara EV motorcycle is complemented by the imminent launch of its fashion collection and the inauguration of its first private clubs. Soriano Motori never stops reinventing itself and satisfying the most demanding needs.

About Soriano Motori

Soriano Motori is an innovative lifestyle company covering the motor, fashion, and exclusive club verticals. Based in Italy and founded in 2020, its main objective is to create a legacy of invention, innovation, and modernization, following in the footsteps of Ricardo Soriano-Scholtz von Hermensdorff, founder of The Soriano-Pedroso SpA in Paris in 1919 and, later, R. Soriano SRL in Madrid in 1939.