Investing Legacy: How the .001% Invest


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How many times have you wondered if there are things that the world’s wealthiest invest into that the middle class doesn’t or never will? Or, what is the difference between a $300 million family and a $30 billion one? What do they look like out in the wild? What if they were to tell you themselves? Investing Legacy: How The .001% Invest is a peek through the keyhole into the investment biases and other non-quantitative drivers for investment decision-making between the middle class and the world’s wealthiest and most powerful families, commonly called the .001% of society. You’ll discover what “statement assets” are and how they legitimize the .001%; and the author pulls no punches to reveal what the .001% really think about liquidity and other prejudices. Witness the differences in their value systems that affect their investment decision-making. Sit in the front seat and experience a “day in the life,” including how these investment decisions are made, what causes conflict and how to manage it, and where these world-class investment opportunities come from. Commonly misunderstood investment terms are simplistically explained, including legal structures used as exemplified with some behind-the-scenes deal-making. This book also takes a candid look at the evolution of impact investing today from philanthropy, as explained by some of America’s oldest, name brand families who pioneered these conventions.