Soriano Motori sets out to conquer the metaverse

Madrid, April 11, 2022 – An exclusive world for lifestyle and sharing space with bikers and fashion lovers. These are just a few glimpses of what Soriano Motori will offer in Mondo Soriano, the metaverse space that the brand will soon create to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

The line that separates the physical world from the virtual one is getting thinner, and this is an opportunity to capture Soriano Motori’s vision, which combines lifestyle, design, and technology. Can you imagine working in the virtual world and shopping without leaving home? Soon this will be possible, and Soriano Motori will be one of the first to offer it.


Soriano Motori will delve into the metaverse, focusing on three fundamental aspects: interactivity, incorporeity, and persistence in its continuous investment in technological and market advances. 


In the Mondo Soriano, users can communicate with each other, and physical barriers are eliminated within the metaverse. The use of new technologies makes it possible to achieve complete virtual immersion.


For a lifestyle brand like Soriano Motori, investing in new scenarios and technologies is just one more step in its constant search for customer satisfaction. The brand pays special attention to opening new spaces and opportunities for interaction, and the metaverse will be a new ideal environment to communicate with them.


“We spend many hours on social media interacting with other people. We have even fully immersed ourselves in video games thanks to virtual reality or insert virtual elements into the real world through augmented reality. We conduct most of our daily activities on the Internet and are, therefore, more dependent on the virtual world than the real world in many areas of our lives. We all buy online, and from Soriano Motori, we will optimize that experience,” says Marco Antonio Soriano IV, founder of the brand.


Soriano Motori will also have its own NFTs.

Its foray into the metaverse is not Soriano Motori’s only surprise; it will also bet on selling its own NFTs (non-fungible tokens), a niche market that in 2021 reached a turnover of $23 billion.

Soriano Motori will sell limited edition NFTs of its past, present, and future products. The current Soriano Giaguaro V1 Gara or the historic Soriano Pantera will go hand in hand with the latest garments from the fashion and lifestyle collection, designs … and much more! They are not yet available for sale, but if the production follows the planned timelines, we can see the first glimpses of these NFTs later this year.


About Soriano Motori

Soriano Motori is an innovative lifestyle company covering the motor, fashion, and exclusive club verticals. 


Based in Italy and founded in 2020, its main objective is to create a legacy of invention, innovation, and modernization, following in the footsteps of Ricardo Soriano-Scholtz von Hermensdorff, founder of The Soriano-Pedroso SpA in Paris in 1919 and, later, R. Soriano SRL in Madrid in 1939.