Soriano Motori brings the fashion business and automotive industries together.

Soriano motori branding

Madrid, 21st December 2020.

Manufacturer of luxury electric motorbikes, Soriano Motori, has announced their new creation; a portrait of innovative, traditional and elegant fashion and design. It exemplifies three of the characteristics that have defined the brand’s DNA since its inception in the early twentieth century.

“No other brand in the industry has understood or reflected the value of fashion in the same way. Our fashion manifesto is the essence of elegance. That’s why we’re collaborating with Italian fashion heavyweights to create a unique annual fashion line for our riders and customers around the world,” says Marco Antonio Soriano, founder of Soriano Motori.

While the fashion project is still in its early stages, the brand’s first prototype motorbike has already been manufactured. Research and development in preparation for the Soriano Motori relaunch began in the last quarter of 2019. The final product was achieved less than a year later, even with all the best advances and guarantees.

The collection could be ready for Spring/Summer 2022

The collection aims to span both casual and formal wear for men, women and children: shirts and T-shirts, trousers, sports jackets, dresses, shoes, underwear, and accessories. And, of course, not forgetting biker gear, like overalls, helmets, gloves and boots. 

According to the progress that’s been made so far, and considering the current situation, the collection will be made entirely in Italy and could be ready for the Spring/Summer 2022 season. The brand’s offices are 20 minutes from Milan, the birthplace of fashion. 

The group’s founder has been inspired by fashion greats such as Armani, Versace, D&G, Hermès and Ralph Lauren to design this project. Likewise, he wants to inspire others and collaborate with the best fashion education institutes. The first designs began to be sketched in early 2021.

The first fashion brand to accept cryptocurrencies.

As with their electric motorbikes, the entire collection can be purchased online with many payment methods supported, including cryptocurrencies. This will make Soriano Motori the first fashion brand to accept payments with digital currency. The delivery will arrive at the customer’s nominated address in the same door-to-door service offered alongside the sale of a motorbike.

They will also be for sale in the showrooms of the future clubs that will launch the brand in different cities around the world. These venues will also have an exceptional restaurant, a club, and a small museum that displays all the milestones of Soriano Motori since it was founded by Ricardo Soriano Scholtz von Hermensdorff, Marquis of Ivanrey II and adopted son of Marbella.


Buyers can join the Soriano Club, an exclusive loyalty program for customers that will allow them to enjoy top services and VIP events. For an annual fee, members can get access to tables in top restaurants, trips, tastings, gifts, and even solutions for day-to-day problems, such as a search engine for finding a range of professionals, from breakdown engineers to babysitters. 

Customers can book experiences through this Concierge service at a number of 5-star hotels owned by the brand in the USA, and via other partners. There is a program available in more than 60 countries, 35 languages, and 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Buyers of a Soriano bike will get one year of this amazing service for free.

About Soriano Motori 


Founded in 2020, Soriano Motori’s main objective is to create a legacy of invention, innovation and modernization, as its founder Ricardo Soriano-Scholtz von Hermensdorff did with the Soriano-Pedroso SpA in Paris in 1919 and, subsequently, R. Soriano SrL in Madrid in 1939 (a company that just so happens to be the first ever Spanish manufacturing company). 


A team of engineers with extensive experience in electric energy from the European Union and the United States have collaborated closely on this project to design an iconic innovation within the field of motorbikes, born from the cutting-edge technologies of today. 


Marco Antonio Soriano was also a collaborator in the book “The Cyber Elephant in the Boardroom” by Mathieu Gorge. Written by other authors, it raises awareness among companies about the importance of investing in cybersecurity to avoid failures and gaps in the system. The book is now for sale worldwide. 


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