Soriano Motori presents his prototype for its world launch in early November.

Giaguaro V1-Gara


Madrid, 14 October 2020

Soriano Motori has completed production of the prototypes for its three new electric motorbike models. At the forefront of technology and design, the motorbikes have followed an exclusive process of craftsmanship, which will be replicated on every single unit that leaves their Italian factory.

The new Giaguaro V1-R, V1-S, and V1-Gara models follow in the wake of the Soriano Tigre, the first successful motorbike produced by the historic brand in Madrid in 1939. Still, these models are arriving with a refreshed air. A team of engineers with extensive experience in electric energy from the European Union and the United States has collaborated closely on this project to design an iconic innovation within the field of motorbikes born from today’s cutting-edge technologies.

“We started by assessing the problems of the electric vehicle mobility market, and buyers’ complaints, so we could solve them and reinvent solutions with a modern approach. That’s why we’ve relaunched the historic brand with nothing but great new updates and features that our customers are sure to appreciate. We are building authentic motorbikes once again,” says Marco Antonio Soriano, CEO. 

The sensations of classic motorbikes are transferred to the electric world.

Designed and developed from scratch at the group’s factory and Luxury Intelligence Unit on the shores of Lake Como in Lecco, Italy, Soriano bikes bring the sensations of classic petrol bikes to the electric world. In addition, with the incorporation of new sounds created by the Italian brand (Silent UV, Urban UV, and Sound of the future), Soriano bikes will have a “soul” when recovering the traditional “roar” of sports bikes.

At an average speed of 120 km/h (the national speed limit in Spain), the bikes could reach a range of 180 km, although they are prepared to achieve 220 km/h. They have a 20 kWh battery which, together with the two Duo Flex platform motors, optimises their consumption.

They have five gears (not including the reverse) and an anti-rebound hydraulic clutch allowing aggressive sports driving reductions, avoiding the rear wheel locking before sharp corners. Additionally, they are equipped with stand-out peripheral brakes. For greater driving comfort and safety in critical situations, the sophisticated front suspension system has a central shock absorber at the height of the steering seat post.

The first 100 units of this exclusive limited edition vehicle will be delivered to the buyer’s door.

The first three models can be booked already, at, as part of a unique and exclusive limited release of 100 units signed by their creator. The V1-R has 60 KW of power, the V1-S has 72 KW, and the V1-Gara has 75 KW, and their prices start from €25,000, €29,000, and €30,000, respectively.

Buyers will receive their bikes directly at the front step of their homes with a personal door-to-door service. In addition, they can enjoy access to an exclusive club that will give them multiple benefits in restaurants, hotels, and shows. This is a new lifestyle that combines excitement, elegance, and distinction. 

The official launch for the media will be on November 5 at 15:00 (Madrid time), with the CEO of the Marco Antonio Soriano group in attendance, as well as CEO Sergio Moroni and the Director of Engineering Cesare Brioschi.


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